Shadowhunter's Realm

Missing Artifacts from the museum

Part 1

Our shadow hunters were debriefed with information from the De’Quincey containment. All vampires were accounted for, either dead or surrendered. Victoria took the remaining survivors and has begun to rebuild her clan with her at the head.

They received news of artifacts taken from the local museum. They were being called as the building resonated with demonic magic at the time of investigation.

Upon arriving, the shadow hunters did a clean sweep of the museum to investigate the whereabouts of the artifact. 4 items were stolen.
A Chinese ceptar
3 paintings
- The great war
- cave of the storm Nymphs
- Ophelia

Upon further investigation the team uncovered Glamour runes at the entrance of the museum. While investigating our team came into contact with feudal era Japanese armor which came to life an attacked. Lily, received minor wounds from the encounter. After their defeat the armor collapsed to the ground and a man came into the picture. He introduced himself as Lucius Bane and it was increasingly clear that he was a warlock and the half brother of the shadow hunters mentor Magnus. After leaving the room Lucius disposed of the armor and vanished.

The team continued to search the museum and found a port where the store nymph painting once sat. The traveled through the portal only to land in the cave itself. The water crashing against the rocks just outside the exit to the cave. – end of part one



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