Shadowhunter's Realm

The Ripper Case Part 2

The evening started off as many did, with research and being briefed by Magnus. After having introduced Scarlett as his Fiancee he quickly resumed business as usual (After dismissing her out the door rather quickly) He threw a rained upon and crinkled newspaper in front of them that highlighted another murder by none other than the ripper.

Newspaper Article

After going over it they received new news of yet another murder in a Brothel by the name of the Candied Swine. They made their way to the brothel to seek out their informant, a man by the name of Dorian Grey, whose looks seemed to entrance young Vanderhill. Making the introductions brief, he escorted the group to the third floor bedroom which was overrun by bobbies as well as two investigators.

Investigator One
Investigator Two

The scene was entirely too grizzly for our scottsman as he had to spend a good chunk of the investigation outside the door vomiting. A woman (as far as everyone could tell) was laying on the bed, entirely free of skin, as well as her toes and eyeballs. Unsure of the motive the group begins to question the investigators and they relay their information.

William decides to speak with the Madame Fleuer, the owner of the brothel. She tells him she had a taste for rich men and this one seemed to be no excepted, however he was a newcommer and was not a regular. She was not at the brothel this night as business was slow.

After several moments of arguing the group convinced the investigators to examine the body but they were not allowed to make incisions. They followed that request but noticed the body received burn marks on her flesh, one on her shoulder, one on her lower buttock, and one on her hip. They are not sure at this time if these were the areas of incision to remove the skin. However, moving the body did rouse her mouth open, and with it smoke escaped her lips as a gear fell to the floor. The gear itself seeming fairly normal except for an ouroboros carved into one side. Leaving the scene fairly quickly after that they made their way along the street to catch up to Andrew and their carriage. While doing so Dorian seemed to freeze in his tracks at the sight of a young boy accompanied by an older gentleman who held his umbrella for him.

He quickly caught sight of the group and made his way over for introductions. Which the group was all but comfortable with. Lucas Calhoun, head of the largest vampire clan in London now. After their rude introductions he left them standing in the rain and continued on.

Eventually Dorian took our group to obtain new weapons from Lottie Abbott, A mundane



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