Lottie Abbott

Mundane Weapons dealer


Lottie is what some people call rough around the edges. She has brown hair and can be seen often in mens clothes as she feels they fit more comfortably. This sometimes accentuates her green eyes. Despite her being a mundane she has connections with numerous downworlders and socialites. no one really knows what side of the table she is on as she tends to keep herself neutral. She has never married and has no living family.


Lottie’s Father owned the Crooked Billet for years before she was born. Her mother died in childbirth and her father raised her. She has a love of weapons and powders that not many people share. She dabbled in the illegal selling of warlock powders but is extremely discrete as she rarely sells them to mundanes (as the law). Eventually her father passed away from a yellow warlock powder that she couldn’t kick. The doctors declared it consumption but she knew otherwise. While she still deals them out she never touches the stuff. Carrying on her fathers business is her true motive for everything she does.

Lottie Abbott

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