Lucas Calhoun


Medium height, shorter black hair, striking grey eyes. The most noticeable feature about Lucas is the age he appears to be.


Lucas is the second oldest vampire in London (oldest now that De’Quincey is dead) Despite looking like he just finished puberty. He was turned into a vampire when he was 16. He was slowly dieing from an unknown illness at the time. Both of his parents succumbed to their sickness leaving Lucas to fend for himself. This is when he met Allistar. Allister was the vampire who turned him and the one who raised him. After many years Allister was killed by Shadow hunters for breaking laws. Since then Lucas, as well as his clan, has worked in accordance with the laws created by the order. Despite his hatred for the shadow hunters he complies very well. Very rarely does his clan step out of line and if they do he often handles the matter himself by staging a mutilation for the rest of his clan to watch. Trusting Lucas isn’t advised but he has proven to be trustworthy in the past.

Lucas Calhoun

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