Lucius Bane

Elder half brother of Magnus Bane


Lucius is the older half brother of Magnus. Since Magnus is the result of shadow hunter parents, he was gifted the institute and runs it according to laws. Lucius being only half shadow hunter half warlock cannot be considered a shadow hunter. He is caste as a downworlder. Since being second best never sat well with Lucius he has grown spiteful over the years, causing him to take action against the shadow hunters. Looking nothing like his half brother Magnus, Lucious has long blonde hair and cat-like eyes (a trademark of being a warlock) he stands very tall and has a slender frame. He often wears a top has and some of the higher end evening wear.


Being an elder brother of magnus it ruined lucious to the core. Since Lucious was born into this world as a half warlock half shadowhunter (very rare and are normally born stillborn) He was looked down upon often as a baby and was sent away before magus was even born. FOr years he watched from the sidelines as magnus grew up until one day he could strike. Along the way he met a woman (Name unknown) who was also a shadowhunter. He fell in love and they gave birth to a full blood shadowhunter named Nathaniel. Unable to care for the child they dropped it off at the institute and Magnus Banes father took him in and raised him as his own. Magnus himself being in his 20s at this point. Eventually the woman left lucious and ran off with another shadowhunter. She later gave birth to a young girl who she sent to america to live with her mother. The young girl (Lilly) had no notion of her family lines or that nte was her brother until then. Eventually Lucious came back in contact with Lilly and Nates mother and murdered her for abandoning him. Lilly’s father has never been found.

Lucius Bane

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