Magnus Bane

Head of the Institute


Tall with somewhat short hair. Recently he has begun to grow it out. Bright blue eyes and brunette hair. Fairly young to be running an institute. Younger than most of the people on his team. His body is almost completely covered in runes/tattoos from previous battles.


Magnus has held a somewhat difficult life. He was raised to be a shadow hunter by his parents. Both of them ran the institute when it was overflowing with shadow hunters. Sadly the number dwindled and diminished over the years. For Magnus it was a tough childhood to watch everyone you grew to love die off slowly. He has kept his always polite and warm demeanor, and keeps his distance hidden. He has never had a romantic relationship and doesn’t plan to for his lifetime. When he was 18 his parents were murdered on the steps of the institute, trying to keep out warlock invaders. His distaste for warlocks runs deep although he might not express it outwardly. He will do whatever it takes to protect what is left of the Shadow hunters, and his Institute.

Magnus Bane

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