Victoria De'Quincey

Vampire Ally


Long red hair, often tied up with several pieces that fall in front of her face. She is tall for a lady and often wears blue or red gowns. Is never seen without gloves on and has a human servant who follows her around by the name of Edward.


Having been a member of the De’Quincey clan for nearly 146 years, Victoria grew tired of their antics fairly quickly. Once they began to murder innocent humans for fun she began to despise them. She formed an alliance with the shadow hunters (Magnus) and fed them information about not only the De’quincey clan but other vampire clans residing in London. She was the one who led the Shadow hunters into the famous slaughtering nights where this time she was the prey. Eventually the clan was destroy except for 4 members who surrendered to the Shadow Hunters. She is now the Head of the De’Quincey clan and is slowly rebuilding that particular clan under the correct Laws set in place by the order. She remains, to this day, a strong ally for our group.

Victoria De'Quincey

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