Shadowhunter's Realm

Bane Records for the Shadowhunters

Fall of the De'Quincey Clan

After a horrific Raid gone wrong, the institute needed back up, and quickly. They had called for a couple new recruits from Ireland and the Americas to fuel their party. With a new #1 team at the ready they set forth to a party held by the De’Quincey clan of vampires. Getting in unnoticed would be extremely difficult. Which is why the institute relied on the expertise of one of their oldest allies of the De’Quincey clan, Victoria. She trained with the team on how to go unnoticed at this party. There were rumors that these parties were the stage for some torturous and brutal killing of humans, which is against the law of the institute. Having no evidence the team needed to go in an observe. This was extremely difficult and needed a extra difficult glamour to make it possible.

Once the team was inside the party, several hiccups occurred. Leading to our newest member Lily in the hands of the famous De’Quincey. Not long after this the vampires retired to the entertainment hall where a sacrifice would be made. Unfortunately, the team was discovered and De’quincey called for his biggest traitor to come to the stage for sacrifice.

Victoria walked to the stage with pride and sat in the chair to await her demise. However, She did not expect the shadow-hunters to burst in at this moment. In doing so it gave her an advantage to attack.

After the battle, De’Quincey was destroyed as well as the majority of his clan. All that remained were Victoria and 4 vampires who surrendered to the Shadow-hunters. They were imprisoned until Victoria could speak with them. She will eventually release them and they will join her as their new head Vampire. Information was taken from De’Quincey’s residence but that information has yet to be discussed with the team.



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