Scarlett Riddle


A small, seemingly frail young woman, Scarlett is the oldest of her sisters. Her lightly colored hair always tied up to perfection with not even a tendril out of place. She keeps her clothes immaculate and is rarely ever seen in hunting gear as it is not “proper attire for women.” She often wears blue to match her eyes and it never disappoints as she is the beauty of the Riddle clan not to mention many of the shadowhunters in her generation.


Having grown up the younger of three sisters Scarlett tends to fancy being the one in charge. Her maternal instincts are strong and she often looks out for other shadowhunters despite their age and capability. At the age of 16 she killed an entire family of vampires who almost killed her sisters in an ambush attack. However, her father Thomas Riddle, wanted her inside the institute for safety at all times. This didn’t agree with her too well as she had a mind of her own. For several years she ran off to Yorkshire to live in their institute, as she fancied one of the young shadowhunters who trained there. Eventually during an attack on a werewolf clan that was eating children from a small village her love was lost and her body was left brutally scarred. While her face remained intact she knew what was underneath her superb dresses and outfits, and so did her family. They quickly arranged for her to marry, yet the only suitor willing to accept was Magnus.

Scarlett Riddle

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